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There is such an incredible level of diversity in the play of land and sky here. The light is never the same, the atmosphere always has a different ambiance, the plant life is always in different stages of growth, blossom or decay, and the landforms are ever shifting in response to the elemental forces of the desert. These photos are just a glimpse of the rainbow of variation I've witnessed here.
Maui HorizonLaguna Del Perro ILaguna Del Perro IILaguna Del Perro IIIWhite Sands Sunrise Horizon - DetailJemez Horizon at TwilightLa Sotea Springtime SunsetCholla Cacti Overlooking Tetilla PeakWhite Sands SunsetLas Vegas Snow Fence IStanley's Sky IIStanley's SkyStanley's Sky IIILa Bajada TracksStuck TumbleweedEstancia FencelineEstancia OasisBoxcar Horizon IBoxcar Horizon IIWhite Sands Chamisa