50 photos

These images are made up of multiple captures woven together to create high-resolution panoramas that provide an immersive sensory experience upon viewing due to their unique optical characteristics. The high-resolution of the resulting image is particularly suited to large-format prints, often up to 3-4 metres in width.
Chimney Rock PanoramaChimney Rock Panorama IIFirst Snow on the Sandias - Panorama IFirst Snow on the Sandias Panorama I - Black & WhiteTaos Sage PlateauLa Sotea Springtime SunsetBlack Mesa ThunderstormSevilleta Sunset Panorama IISevilleta Sunset Panorama IWhite Sands Dunes at Sunrise IIIWhite Sands Sunrise PanoramaBisti Stone GardenMeeting of the MindsNeapolitan Cliffs during Civil Twilight - PanoramaNeapolitan Cliffs at Sunrise -  PanoramaAbiquiu Lake PanoramaSanta Fe SunsetPedernal PlainsAbiquiu BluffsPlaza Blanca Panorama