Albuquerque Museum Miniatures and More Show

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be participating in my third year of the Miniatures and More art show at the Albuquerque Museum! This year I am featuring three panoramic landscapes. These prints have been mounted on aluminum and laminated with 1/4" acrylic facing. They measure 8.5"x 27.5". 

I had a great time creating these pieces and their frames, which I custom milled out of a large plank of spanish cedar wood that I discovered at Albuquerque Exotic Woods. After milling the frames and gluing them up, I finished the wood with a treatment of hand-rubbed Danish Oil from Woodworkers Supply, which smells sweet, has a light satin finish and accentuates the rich color and texture of the wood grain. 

I've decided on an edition of 100 for these pieces, of which the first three are on display at the Museum starting October 24th and is on display into December.

This juried museum exhibit showcases some of the finest artists in the region, and is a wonderful way to support the Albuquerque Museum.

~Amadeus Leitner


First Snow on the Sandias - Panorama IFirst Snow on the Sandias - Panorama I Sandias First Snow

Chimney Rock PanoramaChimney Rock Panorama Chimney Rock Panorama - Ghost Ranch

Nambé OutcroppingNambé Outcropping ​Nambe Sandstone Outcropping






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