Startrails and Moonrise - Cundiyo

Cundiyo Starlight from Amadeus Leitner on Vimeo.


I lay down under the stars, secluded in a small valley in Northern New Mexico privately owned by a childhood friend. With silent gratitude I listened to the small Rio Medio flowing by with gentle constancy, the mysterious calls of an owl floating over a white noise of insect whizzes, snaps and chirps, blending into the sway of the breeze through the cottonwood leaves. The infinite field of stars and space tilted my mind, and I felt the sensation of gazing straight off the side of the planet, as if I were pinned to a wall looking out rather than up. I felt the enormous mass of the earth behind me spiraling through it's orbit, now facing away from it's bright heliocentric magnet. The moon spirals around us and up over our horizon, bouncing light from the sun onto the granite cliffs and grassy meadow of this little eden.
~ Amadeus Leitner


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